RMA - Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability.

Reliability (R) is the probability that a component or system will perform its intended function without failure during a given period in a specific operating environment.
Maintainability (M) is the possibility that a defective item is replaced or repaired within a given time. Maintainability is an integrated parameter when designing the equipment.
Availability (A) is the likelihood that a repairable system will perform its intended function for a specified time when used in an assigned manner. Therefore, availability is a function of reliability and maintainability.











If "R" is satisfactory, then no need for "M" and "A"; if "R" is not enough, then "R" and "M" are needed.
Availability is simply the total uptime/total time (uptime+downtime). This is basically the hours of operation of a device.


There are two rules to estimate the reliability:

  1. By calculating the MTBF that is the Total Time in Operation/Number of Failures

  2. By computing the failure rate, that is how often a device is failing in time. It is the number of failures/total time in operation.


A high failure rate is indicative of low MTBF
The main achievement of reliability is to assess the success of a product to establish potential
failures, as early in the product's lifecycle, and then take appropriate action to make the necessary improvements. It is never too late to enhance the reliability of a product. Remember: modifications are less costly at the start of design than later when the product is in the production line.

Difference Between Quality and Reliability
In manufacturing, quality is the measure of excellence of being free from defects, deficiencies, and significant variations.
A product may have a reliable design, but its reliability is not satisfactory when it is operational. Perhaps the reason is the result of the weakness manufacturing process. The failure did not occur due to incorrect design, but its quality is unacceptable due to the assembly method.

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