Reliability Test Plan

The reliability test plan is a technical document that describes systematic procedures for testing a specific device or machine. It contains particular information such as product design and assembly and is used to formulate the accelerated failures test.

Why do accelerated life tests?

In the reliability estimation, an accelerated life analysis can be shaped to validate product functions and potential failures. Various methods can be used involving product quantification failures under typical conditions of use. It can be a good idea to conduct accelerated life tests at development levels before the product accesses the market.

ALT and HALT Tests

Accelerated Life Test and Highly Accelerated Life Tests are the most common tests to accelerate product failures. Both methods outline the process of exposing a product to severe conditions beyond normal environmental requirements, to identify the product endurance limit and failures in a short time.



When the ALT completed, it is reasonable to perform an MTBF estimation with the results from the test. With the bill of materials and specific information, we can estimate the MTBF using the appropriate standard and environment.

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