Reliability in the automotive electronic systems

The automotive electronics technology based on cameras, radars, and LIDARs, offers automakers the opportunity to develop autonomous vehicle systems.

All these technologies require a specific function to minimize defects, improve the device life cycle, and allow companies to provide a reliable product or system into the market. Such a process involves an analysis of reliability for each element in the device expressed as failure rates (F.R.). This examination should be carried out during the development of the product to qualify components or systems and to reduce potential failures.


MTBF metrics

The Meantime between failure (MTBF) metrics refers to the average time that a reparable device functions before failing. It is a measure of how reliable a product or a component is. The required MTBF can be used as a quantitative target when designing a new product. 

Reliability metrics during the sales process

Before signing the purchase offer, more automotive manufacturers ask for the MTBF figure of the product they need. In today's business, this requirement has become the primary concern for electronic system providers. Therefore, the anticipation of the MTBF prediction will improve product reliability, will satisfy customer requirements, and facilitate business negotiation.

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