LED Life Expectancy

LEDs are reliable light sources, but their performance decreases gradually over time. In lighting applications, where the light level must be maintained, the lifespan of LEDs remains a decisive point.

Environment, vibrations, shocks, power supply, and driver performances are factors that affect life expectancy.

Lumen maintenance factor:

The light from a source is referred to as the lamp lumen maintenance factor.

People usually do not observe a gradual reduction in LED light until it drops 30% of its initial brightness. LED life expectancy is shown then, as an L70 format that it equates to a reduction of 30% in the light output.

New technologies provide LEDs for lighting applications increasing the L70 figure from 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

Life expectancy prediction:

After submitting samples to environmental tests, the Weibull distribution method is used to estimate LED's life expectancy and expected behavior.

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