About us


Conformitec was created in 2013 by compliance specialists assisting companies in the regulatory certification of their electrical devices.
Areas of expertise included MTBF estimation, electromagnetic compatibility, product electrical safety, environmental standards compliance, and CE mark management.

At present, the company specializes in estimating the product's reliability and leaves other compliance activities to our partners.
Our Compliance Specialist, Mr. Isaac C. Cohen, has more than 40 years of practice in electronics and more than 20 years working in reliability estimation. 

We work on more than 300 electronic and electrical products every year. We do so by giving guidance from the start of product development and taking advantage of our knowledge. 
Our field of application is medical devices, machinery, drones, robotics, audio/video professional systems, LiDAR systems, ITE servers, LED lighting devices, and more. Conformitec is motivated by the success of the customer's product.

The company continues to invest in improving its calculation programs to achieve a more accurate estimate of reliability. We also generate our current standards-based calculation applications to support the estimation information.

Conformitec also invests in keeping all confidential information off personal computers. Several safety applications allow us to preserve the workplace.

Our commitment

  • We implemented all our available resources to reasonably bring you complete satisfaction.

  • We scrupulously respect the confidentiality rules of the business affairs of our clients.

  • We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • We adjust our prices and services to satisfy the needs of the customers

For more information please, contact us at contact@conformitec.ca

Tel.: +1 (514) 261-3714

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