Conformitec is an engineering company that provides specialized services for the qualitative analysis of MTBF for the electrical and electronic industries.

We furnish estimations for products such as Information Technology Equipment (ITE), Autonomous Vehicle Systems (LiDAR devices), Drones, Robotics, Audio and Video Systems (AV), Power Supplies, Connectors,  and much more. 

We offer an MTBF prediction service for fast and detailed results.

Reliability predictions

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MTBF Estimation 

Manufacturers are continually seeking methods to improve their products to remain them working as intended. Reliability prediction has become a relevant parameter focused on optimizing the probability of proper operation of the devices.

The qualitative MTBF analysis is a guideline for accurately estimating the reliability and quality of critical components for the successful product.


Part Count

The parts count analysis is a simple approach to determine the reliability by estimating the failure rate for each part in the device. 


Part Stress

Parts stress analysis is carried following the part count analysis and usually provides a lower and more reliable MTBF figure. 


All parts include the effects of stresses through the environmental factor πE  and are quantified in each part failure rate. 

1. Good engineering practices

2. Product quality

3. Manufacturer's reputation

Why do MTBF prediction?

MTBF is an important marker in reliability engineering where failures can lead to damage.
Manufacturers use it as a quantifiable metric during the design and production stages of their products.

It is commonly used today in mechanical, electrical and electronic systems to ensure a reliable product.

Daily decisions, such as buying a new system, are influenced by the buyer's demand for a higher MTBF than that offered by another competing brand.


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