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Who is Conformitec?

Conformitec is an engineering consulting firm with 21 years of experience, providing customers with specialized services for reliability engineering analysis. 

What we do

We perform MTBF / MTTF estimates for electrical and electronic products such as information technology equipment (ITE), autonomous vehicle systems (LiDAR devices), drones, robotics, audio/video (AV) systems, medical devices, power supplies, connectors, and more.


For a quick and affordable Failure Rate /  MTBF estimate, you can opt for either the MIL-HDBK-217 or Telcordia SR-332 methods. The prediction includes an analysis detailing failure rate and MTBF results, graphical simulation, and an explanation of the methodology. 

We deliver a fast MTBF report at reasonable costs and professional results. 

What Reliability means?

Reliability is defined as the probability that a device will perform its required function under stated condition for a specific period of time.

F.R., F.I.T., MTBF, MTTF, MTTD, MTTR are reliability acronyms of methods for estimations based on a compilation of data for predicting the failure rate of a component or system. 

MTBF or MTTF estimates should be made during the development of the product to establish the probability of failures. With the reliability report at hand, the engineer can improve product quality by determining the better reliable components for his product. 

Why do MTBF prediction?
MTBF prediction has become a relevant parameter focused on optimizing the probability of proper operation of the devices.


1. Good engineering practices

MTBF is an important marker in reliability engineering where failures can lead to damage. Manufacturers are continually seeking methods to improve their products to remain them working as intended.

2. Product quality

Engineers use it as a quantifiable metric during the design and production stages of their products. It is commonly used today in mechanical, electrical and electronic systems to ensure a reliable product. The qualitative MTBF analysis is a guideline for accurately estimating the reliability and quality of critical components for the successful product.

3. Manufacturer's reputation

Daily decisions, such as purchasing a new system, are influenced by the buyer's request for a higher MTBF than that offered by another competing brand.

Reliability Engineering
How does the service work?
Before quote, an expert will ask the client to sign an MNDA (Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement) for both parties. With the signed MNDA, we contact you to furnish us with the necessary information like the type of product, bill of materials (BOM), and the operating environment. Once all the information on hand, we send you a quote for the estimate, and if the customer agrees, we begin working on the project. 

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