Conformitec Consulting Services

Reliability of products and CE marking management

Consulting Services for product certification 

Conformitec is a consulting services office committed to the reliability of products (MTBF) and CE marking management for a variety of electrical and electronic products. 

With over 34 years of expertise in consultancy, our vision is to provide a-one-stop advice for approval including EMC, safety of electrical and MTBF prediction. We assist manufactures, representatives and distributors with DRF (Design For Reliability) in the first stages of a product development providing a detailed MTBF report in 48 hrs. 

CE Marking management is another consultancy services for products being exported to Europe in accordance with directives emanating from the European Parliament. Conformitec will guide customers through this process and assess the EU Declaration of Conformity. 

ID-10091674Reliability of products 

The term reliability refers to the probability that a device will function properly during a determined period of time without failures. Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF), Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), Mean Time To Failure (MTTF), Failure Rate (F.R.), Failure In Time (F.I.T.) are terms regarding reliability determined through diverse methods and analysis, which predict the lifecycle of a given product based on a compilation of data that quantify failure rates. Read more

 CE marking managementce-mark-official

CE marking stands from the French “Conformité Européenne” (European Conformity). It is a key indicator that a product complies with the European directives before to be introduced into the union. The New Approach Directives for the CE marking have been adopted by the European Union to cover all the necessary requirements for electrical and electronic products. Read more


ID-100229217Our methodology

  • Evaluate both electrical and EMC directives for your products;
  • Assess and prepare documentation for CE marking;
  • Evaluate the certificate of compliance for CE marking;
  • Assess the Technical file and Declaration of Conformity (DoC);
  • Keeping track of new rules and directives to update the DoC;
  • Estimate product reliability (MTBF - MTTF - MTTR);
  • Serving you as a Partner.


 Our engagement

Guide our clients for reliability in the development of their product

Evaluate MTBF figures at different stages of the development

Provide an MTBF analysis when the product reaches the production line

Review any change in the product that could affect the MTBF result

Evaluate directives that apply to your product regarding CE marking

Provide a Technical File for CE documentation

Prepare a Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

Follow up new CE directive to update the DoC  

Canadian flagWe support Canadian companies


Conformitec staff use Plan x Co agendas 100% made in Canada

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